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Hydrocarbon free jute bags, a food grade jute bags and cloths confirming to international standard specifications, are used for packaging food stuffs.
Building and Construction Industry
Hessain is used widely as an important component in the building material industry.
Heavy Machinery Industry
Jute Felt used for vibration control of heavy machines. Jute and its allied fibres with their non-woven and composite technology used in automobile and the furniture and bedding industries to manufacture non woven, technical textiles, composite production of sheet moulding compound, resin transfer moulding, vacuum pressing techniques and injection.
Automobile industry
Jute reinforced materials have been introduced in the market segments like automotive industry (door panels, dashboard, instrument panels).
Packaging industry
Sacking, hessian and normal bags are used both for inland transport and export of agricultural products (crates, inlays for crates, pallets, boxes, and cases) and Consumer products (housing for computer screens, refrigerators, etc).
Home Furnishing Industry
Is a major component in carpets and other home furnishing items.
Horticultural Industry
Used in nurseries and gardens.
Environmental Industry
Soil Erosion control.
Textile Industry
The coarse end of Jute plants are used to make inexpensive cloth. The very fine thread of jute can also be separated out and used to make imitation silk. Applications in decorative fabrics, chic-saris, salwar-kamizes, soft luggage's, footwear, greeting cards, moulded door panels and other useful consumer products.
Geo Textile Industry
Can be used to replace glass fibre in many applications, be an important source for geo-textiles, raw material for many technical textiles, and important player in the home furnishing segment. Jute Reinforced Polyolefines (JRP) is finding industrial applications worldwide as cheap low quality jute is being used for making jute-PP granules.